Runtime Java Class Editor


  • Sites Used Developing RJCE

    • ANTLR (Another Tool for Language Recognition)
      A parser generator that can build LL(k) parsers implemented in Java and C++.
    • JavaCC (Java Compiler Compiler)
      A Java parser generator written in Java first developed at Sun Microsystems.
    • SableCC
      Open Source JavaScript interpreter written entirely in Java. Based at
    • BeanShell - Lightweight Scripting for Java
      Small, free, embeddable, source level Java interpreter with object based scripting language features, written in Java.
    • DynamicJava
      Java source interpreter - executes Java statements instantly, without having to compile them, and is less strict than ordinary Java. Written in pure Java and distributed with source code.
    • Rhino - JavaScript for Java
      Open Source JavaScript interpreter written entirely in Java. Based at
    • Apache Ant
      An excellent and widely used Java-based build tool.
    • NativeJ
      A Java native comiler that will generate executables, avoiding the need for a JVM
    • JUnit
      A simple framework to write repeatable tests.
    • AspectJ
      AspectJ is an aspect-oriented extension to the Java programming language created at Xerox PARC. AspectJ has become the widely-used de-facto standard for AOP by emphasizing simplicity and usability for end users.
    • Eclipse
      An open extensible IDE for anything (including Java) and nothing in particular.

  • Useful Programming Notes

    These notes are written by the site author and should provide a useful source of reference, I particularly recommend the Java and C++ notes, enjoy...

    • Java Summary & Tips
      Complete summary of core Java language. This includes all core language features. These notes cover the entire sylibus for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 and are a good source of information to study for this exam. I personally wrote these notes and pasted this exam with a high mark using these notes.
    • Complete C++ Summary & Tips
      Summary of C++. This includes imperative, object-oriented & some STL
    • Unified Modelling Language (UML)
      UML Summary, very short but sweat
    • Networks & Security Summary
      Summary of Networks & Security. Good complete summary of networks, and some security
    • Databases
      Summary of Databases. Includes Algebra, Calculus, SQL, Normal Forms, ACID, etc


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